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Farewell Herr Schwarz to be theatricaly released in Germany April 10th 2014 03/2014 Don't Feel Better was selected by Co-Pro Israel 03/2014 Farewell Herr Schwarz starts its 4th month of screenings in Israel Hanna's Journey released in 55 theaters in Germany Fig Tree by Alamork Marsha won the 1st prize of $50,000, at the Pitching Event of the Sam Spiegel Jerusalem International Film Lab Ameer Got His Gun now available on DVD Farewell Herr Schwarz wins Award for best film at the Schleswig Holstein Film Festival 2014 Best Actor Award for Doron Amit in Hanna's Journey at the Turkish-German Film Festival in Nurnberg 2014 Farewell Herr Schwarz wins the award for "Outstanding Storytelling" at First Film Fest 2014

Ending Song received the support of Joushua Rabinowitz Film Fund and Reshet - channel 2

Bab El Gehenom will begin its principal photography on February 2015 Bab El Gehenom (The Gate To Hell) receives the support of the Israel Film Fund Teacher Irena will screen at the Jerusalem Cinemateque at the 25th and 28th of September Reshet - channel 2 will support the documentary Ameer Got His Gun Gesher Multi cultural Film Fund will support the documentary Ameer Got His Gun Ameer Got His Gun will premiere at the Jerusalem International Film Festival