Ameer Got His Gun

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Ameer Got His Gun

Documentary / Israel / 2011 / HD 58 Min.


Ameer Abu Ria is about to enlist in the army. As opposed to the majority of eighteen-year-old boys in Israel, for whom army service is mandatory, Ameer is exempt from military service under the assumption that his enlistment may endanger Israel’s security. That is because Ameer, an Israeli citizen, is a Muslim Arab. And yet, Ameer has decided to volunteer. He believes that his induction is the way to equality, he believes this is the way to belong to the state he lives in, the state he wants to love.

He is considered an enemy, a fifth column in the eyes of Israeli Jews, and a traitor of the worst kind in the eyes of Arab citizens; the kind who turns against his brothers.

All alone, Ameer sets out on a journey to civic and self-definition, while carefully navigating the thin line between Jewish and Arab societies. Ameer, an eternal optimist, wishes to be both a proud Arab and an enthusiastic Israeli, while his only enemy is reality.


  • Director: Naomi Levari
  • Producer: Saar Yogev
  • Cinematography: Yoram Millo , Yoav Kosh , Naomi Levari
  • Sound Recorders: Tulli Chen , Dror Manzura , Yishai Ilan, Alfred Tessler
  • Written by: Naomi Levari & Saar Yogev
  • Production managers: Lee Levy , Yael Biron
  • Editor: Tali Halter Shankar

Film Festivals & Awards

  • Special Mention - Jerusalem International film festival 2011
  • Grand Prize - FIPA 2012
  • London International Documentary FF
  • Best international documentary - Chagrin FF
  • Israeli academy award nominee 2012

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