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TV SERIES | ISRAEL | 2021 | 10*35 MIN

Created by Atara Frish & Nir Berger

World Premiere

Noa is a young, socially awkward officer in the Israeli army. Despite having been deemed unfit to command by her superiors, unusual circumstances result in Noa being assigned a platoon to lead. The new recruits she has to guide through basic training are a notoriously unruly group of young women. Noa has to navigate her way between these difficult recruits and her superiors who refuse to accept her authority. We follow Noa as she sets off on her most important mission yet: to prove that she is worthy.



Alona Saar,

Maya Landsman, Noa Astanjelove
Carmel Bin, Alma Keni,
Gal Malka, Lir Katz,
Dor Harari, Noam Imber

Production Company Black Sheep Film Productions
 Producers Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Director Atara Frish
Line Producer Ran Friedberg

Cinematographer Matan Radin

Editors Nohar Haseen, Noy Barak
Sound Recordist Maxim Segal
Sound Designer Avi Mizrahi

Casting Hila Yuval
Production Designer Mark Segal
Music Echo Morgenstern, Tomer Katz
Supervising Producers
 Alona Refua, Guy Hodes



Commissioned By 


Festivals & Awards

International Premier - BANFF Media Festival 2022

Best Series of the year - Israeli Gay Youth association 2021
10 Israeli Academy Awards including
Best Series
Best Script
Best Director
Best Leading Actress
Best Supporting Actress

Best Casting

Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound recording

Best Soundtrack

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