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Childhood friends in their early 40’s find themselves kicked out of long-term relationships on the same day and discover that they are more lost than they are willing to admit. The burnt-out Ariel, Nadav, Rani and Pini begin to spend more and more time together, keeping them in a some what childish state. We follow them through the hardships and adventures of reinventing themselves.

Kobi Maimon, Yossi Marshek,
Ron Shachar, Efrat Boumweld,
Nina Kotler

Production Companies Black Sheep Film Productions
Producers Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Line Producer Zachi Cohen

Director Daniel Lappin
Cinematographer Ram Shwakey

Editors Boaz Rosenfeld
Sound Recordists Ravid Dvir, Yoav Damti
Sound Designer Michael Emet

Casting Esther Kling
Production Designer Nir Alba
Production Manager Karin Patya
Music Ilan Shas

Commissioned By 

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