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TV SERIES | ISRAEL | 2023 | 6*45 MIN 

Created & Directed by Yaron Shani

Through six intersecting stories, INNERMOST, dives into a multi-layered reality of violence and grace, storming under the calm blanket of modernity in contemporary Tel Aviv, and discovers how different fates intertwine in the fabric of life.

World Premiere

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Eran Naim, Laliv Sivan, 

Bar Gottfried, Stav Almagor, Stav Patai

Production Company Black Sheep Film Productions
Producers Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Co-Prodcuer Michael Reuter

Cinematographers Shai Skiff, Nizan Lotem
Yaron Shani

Sound recordist Nir Alon
Casting Maya Kessel
Production Designer
Yoav Sinai
Sound Designer Aviv Aldema, Ami Arad

Music Gal Lev

Festivals & Awards

World Premiere - Series Mania -  Panorama 2023

WINNER BEST ACTOR - Series Mania 2023

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