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TV SERIES | ISRAEL | 2016 | 10*45 MIN 

Created by Keren Weismann

The ruptured body of a seven year old boy is found under the memorial for air force heroes, which was desecrated the same night by the 18 year old Ethiopian military service ditcher and artist Rafa, who was caught red handed. The story follows those whose lives have been shattered that night, mostly the dead boy's parents- his prison therapist mother and war hero father.

World Premiere

series mania png_edited.png


Sharon Stark,
Yehezkel Lazarov, Vered Feldman
Tehila Yeshayahu-Adega, Eyal Rozales

Production Companies Black Sheep Film Productions
Producers Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Line Producer Zachi Cohen

Director Eyal Sela
Cinematographer David Stagmeister

Editors Assaf Lapid
Sound Recordist Ashi Milo
Sound Designer Itzik Cohen

Casting Galit Eshkol
Production Designer Dani Avshalom
Production Manager Uria Kedem, Karin Patya
Music Frank Ilfman



Commissioned By


Festivals & Awards

International Competition – Series Mania 2016 (France)
4 Nominations for an Israeli Academy Award including Best Series
Zurich Film Festival

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