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A film by Yael Reuveny

World Premiere

1988. That year Israel was 40 and we turned 8. In our little school play we celebrated a birthday of a country that was as young and hopeful as we were. Now that we are 40 ourselves, I return to that group of children who started school with me, to try to tell our collective history. A group portrait of a generation: middle of Israel middle of life.

We, who came of age in the 90's - a decade that started with optimistic peace talks and ended with the big break of the second intifada. The first generation to know hope, and perhaps the first to lose it.

Supported by

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Commissioned by

Production Companies Black Sheep Film Productions, 
Made in Germany Filmproduktion GmbH
Producers Melanie Andernach, Knut Losen

CoProducers Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari

Line Producer Eva Laass, Alona Refua
Cinematographer Andreas Kohler
Editor Betty Blickwede, Assaf Lapid
Sound recordist Ishay Ilan
Sound Designer Shahaf Wagshall

Music Anna Bauer

Festivals & Awards

WINNER Best Documentary film - Jewish FF Berlin & Brandenburg 2021 (Germany)
NOMINEE German Press Awards 2022

Haifa IFF 2021 (Israel)
Miami Jewish FF (2022)
UK Jewish Film (2022)
New Jersey Jewish FF (2022)

Westchester Jewish FF (2022)

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