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An intimate couple’s portrait follows my pregnancy from it’s very beginning. At 21 weeks we are told that our baby may have a serious disorder. We receive medical opinions and struggle to make a decision, until we do.

Between a simple dream of having a baby and us hitting

the shore of reality, hard, a film was born.

Supported by

World Premier

Producer Moriya Benavot
Saar Yogev,
Naomi Levari, Guy Hodes

Writer & Animator Moriya Benavot
Cinematographer Rotem Karol Azulay,

Rana Abu Fraiha Moriya Benavot
Editor Iris Ozer
Sound Designer Shahaf Wagshall

Music Itamar Gross

Festivals & Awards

Haifa IFF 2022
Astra IFF, Romania 2022

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